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Inspired by a train journey home from London, these glimpsing Sussex views from the top of the viaduct are a beautiful example of the English countryside. I used to take this journey home to Sussex as a child and could never get enough of the view before it was suddenly gone!


I had my first gallery show when I was 19, in Lewes where I sold my first watercolour landscape. This led to a part time career in private commissions for the next 20 years (including a portrait for the Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle Society), followed by a series of local landscapes which were sold during local exhibitions and the Lewes Artwave Festivals.

A four month trip around New Zealand in 2001 inspired me to experiment with abstract painting.  After a few years of discovering techniques and feeling comfortable with a certain style, I was ready to take this further so in 2016 and 2017, I painted a series of abstract impressions of natural formations of woodland, forests and caves, many of which are now sold.

My move to rural Cowfold in 2016 was immediately inspired by the beauty of wild foliage around my home so I painted a series of  detailed oil paintings, followed by woodland landscapes in oils.

I now paint full time, both fine art and abstract and my woodland home is perfect for inspiration. A hobby of mine is to observe clouds and trees so my fine art paintings usually consist of stormy skies and a tree (or two) being the dominant feature. For me, lighting is most important so I strive to bring light into my paintings.

I have exhibited in East and West Sussex and am currently working on rural scenes of The South Downs in West Sussex as well as rural scenes of Surrey, for planned exhibitions within both counties. I also work on commission.

– Carole Skinner-Rupniak




  • Artist: Carole Skinner-Rupniak
  • Media: Oil on Canvas
  • Size (inches): 17 x 25