The Object of the Association

To foster by means of exhibitions, the appreciation of the visual arts in the County of Sussex.



Persons interested in Art, chosen and invited by the Committee.


Honorary Members

Invited by the Committee.


Membership & qualifications for election

Members are elected by the Chairman and Members of the Committee.

If considered of outstanding ability, they may be elected to immediate Full Membership.

The inclusion of works executed by artists living outside Sussex, and the election to the Association of artists living outside Sussex, will be at the discretion of the Chairman and the Committee.


Governance shall be in the hands of

  1. A President
  2. An elected Chairman
  3. An elected Vice-Chairman
  4. Hon. Membership Secretary
  5. Hon. Exhibition Secretary (Nos. 4 and 5 may be combined.)
  6. Hon. Treasurer
  7. Further Members of the Committee, who together shall constitute a Committee in which shall be vested all administrative and executive powers.

Neither the Honorary Membership Secretary, nor the Honorary Treasurer need be Members of the Association.

The Honorary posts are unpaid, but may submit expenses.

There shall be three signatories, and any two of these shall be required to sign any cheques amounting to £250 or more.

There must be access by all three signatories to the Association’s bank statements.


Election of the President, the Chairman and Committee Members

If the present President, Chairman and Committee Members are all willing to stand again, the Chairman may ask those attending the A.G.M. to re-elect them, “en bloc”.

If any Member of the Committee retires or becomes unable to act during his/her term of office, for any reason, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt another Member of the Association to serve in his/her place.

The Chairman shall have the right to suspend the membership of any Member or Committee Member, if his/her actions are regarded as likely to bring the Association into disrepute.


Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year for the election of the Committee, and transaction of any other business.

Notice of the A.G.M. shall be circulated to Members at least two weeks before the meeting.

The agenda shall contain the Committee’s list of nominations for vacancies on the Committee.

Any Member of the Association may nominate candidates, having previously obtained their assent in writing. The Hon Secretary (or Secretaries) must be notified of these nominations at least one week before the AGM.

Any alteration in the rules shall be submitted for approval at the AGM.


Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings shall be held when necessary to:

  • elect Members, Honorary Members and Patrons.
  • make arrangements for the Annual exhibition.
  • discuss arrangements for taking part in any events advertising or promoting the Association.
  • make any change in subscriptions.
  • consider any other business of the Association.


Sub-Committee Meetings

In order to limit the time Members of the Committee spend attending meetings, the Chairman may hold Sub-Committee meetings at any time, to discuss matters which do not concern the whole Committee.



The annual subscription for Members is due by the end of January each year, and should be paid to the Hon Treasurer.

The Committee shall have the power to increase or reduce the subscriptions.

There shall be no subscription for Patrons or Honorary Members.

In the event that the Association shall cease to function for any reason, any remaining funds held by the Association, shall be donated to a nationwide or a Sussex charity, chosen by the Chairman and the Committee.


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