Membership costs just £38 per year for full or £20 for associate membership and provides an excellent channel for artists to promote their work. Members may also submit good quality photographs of their work for inclusion in our online gallery and other social media channels.

Membership is by invitation from the Exhibition Committee. This may be as a result of submitting work to the exhibition as a non-member or by means of the online submission process. Non-member submissions will be subject to selection by a panel that may include existing members and independent artists. Online submissions will be selected as detailed on the contact form.

Success via either route will typically lead initially to the offer of associate membership which will be reviewed following subsequent exhibitions, or exceptionally to the offer of full membership.

Non-members are welcome to submit a small number of framed work and / or 3D work for inclusion in the exhibition. There is a small handling fee which is non refundable.

Members will be contacted directly by the association in order to submit their entries (typically double that of non-members, including unframed 2D work) free of charge.

Guidelines for members and non-members will be published on our website (see Exhibitions) prior to the exhibition, along with entry forms for non-members.

Art works submitted may range from 2D originals, gicleé prints of originals or 3D works in ceramic, stone, wood, glass, Paverpol, etc. All art work will be subject to selection by the Exhibition Committee and a panel of independent artist’s, whose decision is final. Please note – handling fees are not refundable if work is not selected.

Website Gallery

Members are also invited to submit good quality photographs of their work for inclusion in the gallery on this site, these should be cropped to just the image itself; no frames, borders or watermarks.

Photographs should be JPEG format and must be between 1200 and 2500 pixels on the longest edge,  accompanied by the title of the work, size and media used. Members should also include a short bio and contact details they wish to publicise, for example their website address, email address, telephone number and various social media links.

Artists should also consider submitting a short explanation of what inspired them to create the work. Art lovers want to know more about the art they are viewing and what inspired the artist behind it. They often like art that tells a story, makes them think, makes them feel. An engaging and informative artwork description is a great way to further engage with people and secure interest.

Any material submitted will be deemed in agreement for use by the Association of Sussex Artists for promotional material. Images will never be used for commercial reasons and members may request their work to be removed at any point. The Association of Sussex Artists reserves the right to choose not to include submitted work or to remove work after a period of time.

Submissions for the site gallery should be emailed to

The Rules of Association can be found here.

Please direct any queries regarding membership to the association using the contact form below: