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My paintings are inspired by nature, the effects of light, and places I visited. I usually work with oils, and love to paint marine subjects. The shape of fishing boats and pebbles fascinate me. When I paint nature, it evokes the spiritual feeling I get – the feeling of oneness.

– Aylin Sharp


Aylin has a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art. She studied graphic design in Georgia, USA and lived abroad for some years working in the Bahamas and Spain as a practicing artist; painting marine subjects and street scenes. Aylin works mainly in oils and acrylics using sketches and camera as her reference materials to capture the essence of a scene.

Aylin’s principle source of inspiration is her travels in the United Kingdom and abroad. She is mainly interested in the effects of light and shadow, captured in oils, and continues to paint marine subjects, street scenes and landscapes.



  • Artist: Aylin Sharp
  • Media: Oil on Canvas
  • Size (cm): 60 x 40