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“This piece was all about capturing as many moments of the dance at once to make it feel like it was moving. I also limited the palette to really focus the intensity between the figures, lost in the moment”

Joanna’s work comes in a variety of media from watercolour, oils, acrylic and pencil all of which are used freely to create expressive pieces focusing on gesture and character. Animals, figures and portraits are the main focuses in her work. She aims to capture the character of her subjects in her work rather than dwelling on precision and accuracy, believing that capturing the feeling or personality of a portrait will make a more recognisable image. A love of nature and water has led to colourful interpretations of animals and marine life. Joanna enjoys life drawing in particular and studying people, their relationships, movements, personalities and storytelling. These interests stem from her study of animation at university

– Joanna Wenczka





  • Artist: Joanna Wenczka
  • Media: Oil on canvas
  • Size (cm): 100 x 100