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Coming from Horsham, painting The Causeway and St Marys Church has always been on my to do list but capturing it in a dramatic way is a must for me so I spent years trying to photograph it in different lights, seasons, and this is the end result. I love autumn as a season as there are so many different colours that come from even one species of tree as it sheds its summer foliage.

From a young age, I developed a fondness for wildlife and dramatic landscapes from spending lots of time in woodland around Horsham and visits to the South Downs. As I got older, my interest grew and trips to Snowdonia and The Lake District really cemented my love for the great outdoors, inspiring my art today. Capturing dramatic landscape scenes, often in moody weather; I paint using oils, in a bold, loose realism style.

– Paul Talbot
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  • Artist: Paul Talbot
  • Media: Oil on canvas
  • Size (inches): 18 x 22