Covid-19 update – impact on 2020 Exhibition

In light of the continuing Covid 19 situation, the Committee has had to make a decision regarding the Association of Sussex Artists exhibition for 2020. It will probably be no surprise that the decision reached is that we must cancel this year’s exhibition.

Our greatest concern is the safety of our members and visitors. Whilst we may hope that the situation may become a little easier by August, we can only make judgements on the basis of what we know right now and to some extent on what we may reasonably expect. On the basis of the guidance from the Government currently available, it would be quite difficult for us to comply with the existing appropriate requirements. We cannot assume that these rules, particularly those around social distancing, are likely to be greatly eased before August. We therefore feel that it would be almost impossible to manage a successful preview evening, and the mounting and running of the exhibition would expose those members that provide assistance to unacceptable levels of risk.

We are unable to make this decision nearer the time as the deadlines for various elements of the exhibition, particularly advertising, are looming very close. Whilst we have had to come to this disappointing decision, we are in negotiations regarding booking for 2021 in the hope that some semblance of normality has returned by then!

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well and being able to fill their time creatively.

The Committee, Association of Sussex Artists

Welcome to the Association of Sussex Artists, with a proud tradition, dating back to 1928, of being a centre to showcase the very best of professional and amateur work by painters, sculptors and potters from across West and East Sussex, the Association has grown to become an important feature of artistic culture in the County.

We are long established, but constantly evolving and growing, and looking for new ideas, new members and new supporters. With an annual exhibition in Horsham displaying some 400 works for sale, selected by an independent committee, we are able to provide good and affordable art of wide ranging styles and media. Whether you are keen to exhibit with the Association of Sussex Artists, or to visit our exhibitions with a view to purchasing or just appreciating the displays, you are most welcome.

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