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This gentleman is a curator or the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone Arizona, an old Vaudeville theatre, the only building to survive the fire that destroyed most of the old mining town. The brick building was borded up for 50 years and when rediscovered, was just as it had been in its gun-slinging wild west days. The curator played the part of a bartender to perfection and I was inspired to paint him.

My career in primary teaching and as an art/design specialist allowed me to learn to use and experience a wide range of materials, media and form to express my ideas. I illustrated for Flutewise magazine for 20 years. I have been using pastels most recently, and find their versatility, wide colour range and the way they link drawing and painting, suit my style of work. I focus mainly on portraiture or both people and animals.

– Wendy Standen



  • Artist: Wendy Standen
  • Media: Pastel
  • Size (cm): 87 x 66