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Skates always delight me. I am not a natural on ice but I enjoy the sense of freedom – akin to flying – seeing someone swooping and gliding across the ice. Making it look so effortless, though it probably took many years of practise for the skater to get there.

Similar to creating a work of art, year of study and lots of time to produce an end result which, hopefully, looks effortless.

I enjoyed the challenge of drawing the complex shape of the skates, then painting the colours and tones of the whites, the sheen of the soles and the reflections in the irons. I enjoyed portraying the softness of the scarf contrasting with the details of the case. Painting never ceases to enthral me.

– Pam Gowing
  • Artist: Pam Gowing
  • Media: Oil on Canvas Board
  • Size (inches): 16 x 20