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“A portrait of two rutting deer, from a photograph taken in Richmond park, created on copper. I have specifically chosen rust coloured tones for this piece to reflect the autumnal activity the two charged males are engaged in. The texture of this piece ensures it borders on the abstract, imitating the confusion of the late autumn forest colours.”

– Paul Fearn


Paul is a contemporary wildlife artist living in Horsham, and four-time finalist in the David Shepherd ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ competition. Paul works with sheets of metal which he carefully corrodes to create controlled patinas, revealing portraits of wildlife both above and under the sea.

The focus of his artwork is on texture and composition, and whilst his work is figurative, the method of rendering the image by ‘rusting’ the metal leans it towards the semi-abstract. The image is secondary to the process of using different chemical elements to draw the forms, colours and patterns out of the metal itself.

Paul is an avid diver with hundreds of dives in most of the world’s oceans, and is an avid conservationist, regularly donating a percentage of the profit from his artwork to environmental charities.

  • Artist: Paul Fearn
  • Media: Patinas on Copper
  • Size (cm): 60 x 60