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The image of the boy was overwelming and I didn’t want to paint it as a traditional portrait. I have worked breaking and changing the colour to strengthen the narrative.

My work revolves around the human condition, figures and portraits in an atmospheric background have always been my main interest, with the work moving between classical and expressionistic representation.
I am constantly trying to push the boundaries and experiment with pastel, which is a difficult medium as it is very hands on as opposed to other forms of painting. Colour can be simple or complex I try to evoke a specific emotional response from my paintings. For many years I have run pastel workshops teaching composition, colour and technique, encouraging my students artistic skills and  deriving great pleasure from the results they achieve.  Several of my students  are now members of the ASA and exhibit their work at the annual exhibition.

– Terry Copping



  • Artist: Terry Copping
  • Media: Pastel